Friends are going to talk today, what is blogging, what are the types of blogging, How to start blogging, select which platform to start blogging, Why you should start blogging, how to make a career and money from blogging So let’s start.

Earn in Lacks With Blogging
Earn in Lacks With Blogging

What is blogging?

We are telling you in very easy words what is blogging, you are an expert in one field. And if you want to reach more people than that and if you want to increase your knowledge more then in this way you can tell by writing, this is called blogging. In blogging, you should have good knowledge in one field. Just like I have very good knowledge of digital marketing similarly you can also have knowledge of any field, such as you can share anything online by writing anything like YouTube, travel, photography, videography.

What are the types of blogging?

Friends, before starting blogging, you must keep in mind that what type of blogging is, how many ways you can do blogging, which field experts you are, you should first understand, then after this. You should start blogging.
Before starting blogging, it should be kept in mind that you will always choose the same category, choose the same type of blog, then you will work on the same category daily only then you can succeed in blogging.There are basically 9 types of blogging, from which you can start blogging.

1. Personal Blogging

In Personal Blogging, whoever wants to share information about you with people, how is your lifestyle, what do you do during the day, what is your daily routine that you can share in Personal Blogging, and you can do Personal Blogging can do.

2. Business Blogging

In Business Blogging, whatever your business is or related to any business you want to share information with people, you can do it in Business Blogging. And you can share information with people

3. Professional blogging

Professional blogging tells him that when a blogger’s main source of income is through blogging, it means that he is into professional Blogging.

4. Niche Blogging

In niche blogging, such as lifestyle, digital marketing, travel, food, if you choose a category, it is called Niche Blogging.

5. Micro Niche Blogging

Micro Niche Blogging, you must have understood, or is related to Niche Blogging, yes you understand that in Micro Niche Blogging we have a category from inside Niche, such as digital marketing or a Niche is a very different category, SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, all these Micro Niches that we work on, it is called Micro Niche Blogging.

6. Liveblogging

Currently, whatever is happening or something that people want to know about, like the Coronavirus and the trend of YouTuber vs tiktoker was going on some time ago, in LiveBlogging we cover it.

7. Reverse Blogging

Reverse Blogging, you can create a blog in which any guest can post or you have an expert team that you can post. That is, there are a lot of people in Reverse Blogging and they all work together on a blog, it is called Reverse Blogging.

8. Affiliate Blogging

In Affiliate Blogging, you can review Affiliate Marketing Products and you can place Affiliates link. With which you can do Affiliate Marketing Blogging.

9. Media blogging

In Media Blog, you can post a video blog, you can post Instagram blog, you can post an image blog, you can do Media Blogging related to it.

How to start blogging?

Friends, if you have selected which kind of blog or type of blog you will write. So now you can start a blog.
To start a blog, basically, you have to complete 5 steps. So after that, you can do a complete blog.

First, you have to select a domain

You can use HostGator for the Domain Name “I have purchased HostGator for my blog.” You have to see the domain name of which category blog you are choosing, you can select the domain according to the same. In the domain name, you will always keep in mind that the domain name should be a good name, (it should be the meaning), that domain name you have to take.

The second one that is most important is to buy hosting

For hosting you can use Siteground, Bluehost or Hostgator. You can get good hosting from these three companies. And you can host your blog there. In starting, if you have a small blog, then you can use the basic plan, in which you have to pay 2 or 3 dollars every month. By taking a basic plan, you can host your blog from there.

The third is the most important blog design

In blog design, you have to see that you are writing which category or which type blog. If you have your blog with educations, then you will keep the design of the education type, if you are a technical blog, then you will have to keep the design of your blog accordingly. You have to see what type of blog you are writing (on which category you are writing a blog). According to that, you will have to keep the design of your blog.

The fourth most important blog writes.

If you have completed all the three steps, took your domain, took hosting and thought of desiring to keep this type, then now you have to start writing blogs. Blogposts you can write to them, you can save them in your dashboard.

The fifth most important promotion your blog

When you started posting your blog, started publishing, it has your fifth steps, to do your blog, you can share your blog post on social media to promote blog, you can create backlinks, you guest You can post, there are many other ways by which you can promote your blog and get your blog ranked and bring traffic to your blog.

Select a Blogging Platform?

Friends, complete both the above-mentioned processes. You have selected that on which topic you want to write a blog, after what your blog type is going to be, take your domain name, your hosting, design of your blog and start writing posts for your blog, so now you To see what you have to keep blogging platform, which platform you have to work, in this, you can see two options, first you can use free and second you can use paid.

For free, you have and so many other platforms where you create your blog and post it. You can start from here.

Secondly, you can use these same paid versions too. If you want to go pro, do good blogging, keep everything your own, then you should use their paid versions. If you want to know that which is the best platform for blogging, then let me tell you that is the best platform for blogging, you can completely customize it in, you can do whatever you want. Can customize is a platform that is SEO friendly and Mobile Friendly and is a very good platform for beginner.

Where you can start blogging with ease. And from here you can also take a lot of traffic for your blog. There are many such plugins in it, it will help you, to start blogging and to rank you, all such plugins are also found in

Why Should Start Blogging?

Friends, if you want to start blogging, the first question that should come to your mind is that you want to start blogging queue, what is the reason that you want to start blogging behind it. So if you want to start blogging, there is some reason behind it. With which you want to start blogging. There are a lot of advantages of starting blogging, the biggest advantage of blogging is that you can make a lot of money by making money online from blogging. If you start writing a blog with little effort, in the beginning, you keep a little time, after a few months you can earn a lot of money from blogging.

The other advantage is that you get a Get More Experience, if you are an expert in a field or an expert in one category, then you can get more good information in that field so that you can get even more experience in that field. Will continue to increase if you are telling people by writing, then you will get more from doing blogging somewhere which is your experience.

The third advantage is that you help people, if you are blogging, then you are helping a lot of people somewhere, all the people who want to know about a field, to know about a category. If you post blogs, you help a lot of people somewhere.

The fourth advantage is that you are promoting self, you are writing a blog about yourself, you are writing about your lifestyle, then somewhere you are doing your own promotions by blogging, tell people about yourself. Can, if you like to tell your people, you can still start blogging.

Blogging Career and Make Money?
Friends, if you select one type, you start blogging. So many questions come to your mind, is blogging also a career, can I make my career through blogging, then friends, you are thinking right. If you are blogging by selecting one category. So you can make blogging a good career too.

In blogging, if your blog has a lot of traffic, it has a good ranking, then you can earn a lot of money from it, here you can earn from 1 dollar to 1000 dollars, this is not the case in blogging that your 10 dollars If you earn the next month you will not get money, the money that starts in blogging starts to increase gradually, and one day you start earning so much money, which you cannot earn by doing any company job, then blogging There is also a career in money.

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Thank you very much.
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